For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How do I start?

A: Give us a call or just turn up on the night

Q: What is the minimum age?

A: Six years old

Q: What should I wear?

A: Loose comfortable clothing, jogging bottoms or shorts and a t-shirt for beginners

Q: How much do karate classes cost?

A: £20 per month for a junior and £24 per month for a senior, for training twice a week (family rates available)

Q: How much does a license cost?

A: £20 for a junior (under 16 years old), £25 for a senior per year

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: Definitely NOT!!!! beware clubs that want you to!

Q: Where do I get the karate equipment from?

A: You can buy all the right gear through the club at very reasonable prices

Q: When are grading’s, and where?

A:  Kyu grading’s are every 3 months, and Dan grading’s arranged when applicable at one of our training venues in Yeovil 

Q: Do you enter competitions?

A: Yes, we have a good record of achievement producing English and British medalists